Special Education

The mission of the Special Education Department at Silver Lake Regional High School is to provide students with disabilities specialized instruction and the tools they need to reach their highest potential! It is our belief that if provided with the appropriate supports in the least restrictive environment, all students with disabilities can strive and succeed.

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Transition Planning

Individualized Education Programs at the high school are focused on transition planning. Transition planning is critical for all students 14 - 22 years of age. Transition planning focuses on the following areas: instruction, employment, and community experiences/post school adult living. Transition planning is outlined through the use of a Transition Planning Form. Transition planning takes into account a student's needs, strengths, skills, and interests. A student's goals outlined in in his/her Individualized Education Program should be those that need to be accomplished in order for a student to successfully transition into adulthood. The following are links to additional information about transition planning:

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