Spring has arrived and with that comes sunshine, warm weather and the dreaded hay fever allergies. You may ask yourself how do you determine if you or your child is suffering from a cold vs. seasonal allergies? Here are a few hints that your symptoms are allergy related;

  • A clear, watery nasal discharge
  • Itching of the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth
  • Spasmodic sneezing

You will not have a fever with allergies as fever suggests infection. Colds may sometimes lead to sinus or ear infections where antibiotics can be helpful if fighting the infection. Colds usually only linger on for 7-10 days. Always consult your physician for professional advice regarding the proper treatment of colds, allergies and infection.

Let's talk about the sunshine we will be enjoying. Outdoor activities are limitless whether you are a student athlete, weekend warrior or someone who just enjoys an afternoon stroll. Sun exposure is year round which means that sun block should be used no matter what time of year.

The excitement of prom season brings with it a host of concerns ranging from what to wear to keeping your student safe. By making a plan and sticking to it can give both the parent and student peace of mind. Some ideas include;

    • Make sure transportation and arrival times are well planned out
    • Be sure someone you trust knows the plan and is available for you to call
    • Set a curfew
    • Communicate expectations and concerns

    One last note, parents of Grade 10 students will receive notification regarding Height/Weight & Vision/Hearing screenings to be conducted after spring break. To opt out of these screenings have your student return the signed form to the Health Office upon receipt.