Silver Lake Regional High School Yearbooks

Important Information

Get FREE ICONS for your yearbook!

If you order a yearbook WITH PERSONALIZATION by 11/5, you will get up to four icons for FREE.

Just go to to order your yearbook!

To send in your Senior Photos and Baby Photos use this link:

Attention Seniors: Prestige by Lifetouch will be on campus November 3-5 from 8am - 3pm for any of you who still need your senior photographs! Don't miss the last opportunity to get your photos taken! Contact Ms Fradet in room 1741, or Kiera Symes for more details.

Senior Photo deadline has been extended to DEC 1st!

Students! It's time to order your yearbook! Don't miss the opportunity to order the most important book you will ever buy! The cost for a yearbook placed by Oct 29th is $65. After that the price will increase to $75.

Use this link:

Or call 1-877-767-5217

Please see Ms Fradet in room 1741, or email with any questions.