National Honor Society

Important Information

Membership is currently open to Juniors and Seniors.

All students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 4.0 on our 5.3 scale after the end of their previous academic year in order to be eligible. Invitations are sent out each fall to the people who have the appropriate GPA.

To fulfill the service requirement a candidate should demonstrate on a consistent basis maturity, sensitivity, high ethical/moral values, good sportsmanship (if appropriate), and above all--honesty in all situations. Each candidate should be a role model for other students in his daily conduct and attitude.

To have fulfilled the service requirement, a student should have participated in some activity or organization (on a strictly volunteer basis) which promotes the idea of improving the quality of life for others or giving of one's time and energy to help one's fellow man on three different projects involving substantial time totaling 20 hours since the start of freshman year.

To have exhibited leadership, students must have demonstrated that they have been elected to some position of authority in a club, organization and/or activity; or have demonstrated that they have taken the initiative to lead others, to direct an activity or program, to innovate some idea or concept either in school or with the community since the start of the freshman year.

School Activities
All candidates for NHS should be currently involved in at least one school activity. In addition, they must have been involved in at least one school activity for at least one year.

Each prospective member must be interviewed by representatives of the Faculty Council.

The entire Faculty Council must vote favorably on the individual's eligibility.